A big thank you – tickets going quick!

Wow – there’s been a great response to the site go-live, thank you so-much for your tweets, retweets and general ‘spread the word’ vibe that we have seen from the WordPress community! It means a-lot to us and is one of the best ways to support the conference even if you can’t make it to this one. The core team spend no money on marketing apart from our time, which goes a long way to keeping the price of the conference down to one of the cheapest tech conferences in the UK, so help us make sure no-one misses out on getting their ticket.

It is great to see the UK technology press supporting us this year too, thanks guys! We already have had mentions on Web Designer Magazine, UK Wired Magazine, and are being featured in the .Net magazine events section too this month.

Ticket sales have been going well – with just over half the tickets now sold or allocated to sponsors in just over a week of them going on-sale. Don’t miss out on your early-bird ticketbuy early and get your place secured for just £35 for the entire weekend. Early bird ticket sales close midday Friday 3rd of June. With attendances steadily rising each year, we would not be surprised if we sold out, so don’t forget!

Finally we would like to thank all our sponsors again for their support – you should go check out their services and are putting their money behind supporting WordPress development in the UK. In particular we would like to welcome Human Made who are a gold level sponsor and sponsoring the social on the Saturday night. There’s nothing like the offer of free drinks to make new friends, see you there!

This post was written by Jonny Allbut on May 30 2011

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