Important Portsmouth travel security information: Saturday 16 July 2011

The following information has been received from Portsmouth University.

Police have advised us that the English Defence League are planning to march through Portsmouth on Saturday 16 July 2011.

There are also confirmed reports of anti-EDL protests being staged in the city centre (mainly around Guildhall Square and the Portsmouth and Southsea Railway Station) – where the march is due to start and end.

Travel implications:


Hampshire Police strongly advise that anybody travelling by train on Saturday should alight at Portsmouth Harbour Station only (where the Portsmouth services terminate).

Stay on at Portsmouth and Southsea, get off the train at Portsmouth Harbour.


Anybody travelling by car should park in Portland car park or behind Burnaby Terrace.

The Conferences Dept have assured us that despite the signs, car park permits or temporary scratchcards are not required at weekends (ie free parking).

It’s recommended you avoid parking on roads, especially Burnaby Road as this may be used as a short cut by marchers.

The car parks are highlighted on this map.

This post was written by Tony Scott on July 14 2011